Our ECO Credentials and the Charities we Support

we support a range of projects and charities at Sebastien Coell Photography

Our ECO credentials and the Charities we support at Sebastien Coell Photography

Landscape Photography and Nature go hand in hand, and at Sebastien Coell Photography we operate whilst reducing our impacts on our beautiful planet.

Sebastien Coell Photography is proud to be a member of Nature First Photography an organisation that promotes the greater care of the planet through the photography community. We aim to protect the landscapes that we photograph and undertake non destructive or intrusive photography - whilst aiming to promote the better care of our planet.  


We also offset our environmental impacts from shipping your order via both Etsy's and Shopify's Carbon Offset Program. By donating a small amount we put back into projects which help protect our planet.


We try and utilise eco friendly products as much as possible - Our standard Frames for instance use MDF which is a recycled or wood bi-product, they are also made within the UK and use Glass where possible rather than plastic (Glass up to 16"x20")

We use eco friendly frames to reduce our carbon footprint


When it comes to our Oak Frames and Fine Art Frames, these originate from Germany, come with Glass rather than plastic and use wood from a FSC certified forest (FSC licence code: C021405)

FSC forestry

Every year we manually donate 5% of all sales from Etsy to the WWF Charity - See below for info on our other stores

When purchasing something at scoellphotography.co.uk and our Ebay Store the donations are automatic and can be seen in the banner below which gives us a nice view of the donations you have supported by purchasing a print from me.


We support the LUCID packaging system a system designed to reduce packaging waste, as such we re-use packaging and materials when it is in good condition to reduce waste, in essence this normally means in our larger framed items.

Sebastien Coell Photography



Our donations as a whole across all of our sites and stores from 2019-2020 were £230 to the WWF.



Thank you all that have purchased something from us supporting many good causes. 

Thank you for supporting Sebastien Coell Photography and the WWF