The Ultimate Devon Guide and the Best Places to Visit in Devon

The ultimate guide to the Devon

Top Things to do in Devon whilst enjoying the Devon Landscape

Devon is a region of England made up of stunning landscapes and excellent experiences suited to a wide variety of interests. The county's market and historic towns such as Exeter and Totnes offer an array or wonderful shops and restaurants to visit.

The natural Devon landscape provides hundreds of gorgeous beaches and locations such as the Dartmoor National Park and Exmoor Nation Park which are complemented by the English Riviera, South Hams and the Hartland and Jurassic Coast - which provide moments to be taken in at every turn! Whether that means exploring the pretty landscape on foot via Devon's 205 miles of coastal paths or venturing inland on an exciting adventure, there’s plenty to discover in this lovely part of the U.K.

A brief history of Devon!

At Kents Cavern in Torquay, archaeologists have unearthed what are believed to be the remains of a Mesolithic hunter-gatherer. The man's body was found 30,000-40,000 years old and it is understood that Dartmoor was inhabited as far back as 6200 BC by hunter-gatherers.

Devon is said to mean "Deep Valley Dwellers" in the Celtic language of old. This area had been the home of the Dumnonni Celts, who emerged around 500 A.D. The Celtic region flourished for nearly five centuries and was often interrupted by invasions from Anglo-Saxons.

Eventually, the Kings of Dumnonia are thought to have withdrawn to safer strongholds in Cornwall and Devon had its first mention within the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in AD 823. the realm was originally a part of the Wessex Sees of Winchester then Sherborne.

Following the Norman invasion of 1066, King William the Conqueror’s instantly recognised the value of securing the West Country. He divided up the rich farmland amongst his barons and knights, who slowly turned it into some of England’s most beautiful estates and castles.

The region has seen many battles throughout history, particularly during warfare between King Steven and the French. Many coastal towns have also been attacked by pirates.

Dartmoor is the largest open space in Southern England. Here you’ll find granite tors, which entice walkers of all abilities to the area. The second is Exmoor, which lies in both Devon and Somerset, and is a large stretch of open moorland.

Almost 70% of Devon’s coastline is classed as a Heritage Coast, with the South West Coast Path running the whole lot, offering an intensive selection of lovely walks beside the ocean. I would highly recommend a visit to South Devon and the South Hams.


Things to See when visiting Devon


Top Things to do when visiting Devon

If you visit Devon you will find countryside, coast, ancient ruins, modern shopping centres and the perfect destination for families, couples, groups and business trips - accommodating whatever it is you're looking to do during your stay. There are attractions and activities all over the region.

For the adrenaline junkies out there, Devon has plenty to offer in terms of outdoor activities. If you're interested in climbing and water sports, Devon is great for canoeing and kayaking as well as rock climbing, while horseback riding and also hiking is possible on the Dartmoor National Park.

If however you're looking for something with a little less adventure and some quiet exploration, here are various walking paths available to rent bikes or bring your own to take at your leisure without worrying about traffic.

Have a look at our list of some great things to do when in Devon

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    Top ten exciting things to see and do on wonderful Dartmoor | At the heart of beautiful Devon is the stunning, granite topped moorland of The Dartmoor National Park, nearly 1,000sq km of stunning hillsides and valleys, rivers and woodlands | Here is our Top 10 Locations to visit

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    Top 10 Best things to do on Dartmoor

    The Dartmoor National Park is one of the wildest and largest open areas in England, featuring vast sweeping moorland and high granite Tors interspersed with ancient woodlands.

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    Six Great Dartmoor Photography Locations

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Top Places to see when Visiting Devon

Devon is one of the most picturesque counties in England, and there are lots of reasons why. It's known for its amazing beaches and quaint villages, not to mention the beauty that nature has created with its dramatic cliffs and hills.

Devon has inspired many a story throughout world history due to its unique and pretty scenery. Many people come here every year because they appreciate a good jaunt in the country side or want to escape into something more relaxing than city life! 

Have a look at our list of some great places to see when in Devon

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Top Walks to undertake when Visiting Devon

From dramatic coastal hikes to fossil hunting, and national park walks, Devon has something for everyone. Discover the county on foot with our pick of the best hiking routes in Devon.

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    10 Best Short Dartmoor Walks for the Family

    10 Short Family Walks on Dartmoor at some | Amazing Locations | ranked by difficulty. 

Interesting facts about Devon  

  1. The Last Castle - Not everything in Devon is ancient. Castle Drogo, for example, was built in 1930 and can be found about a mile south of the village of Drewsteignton. Julius Drewe bought up to 450 acres surrounding this small community and asked architect Edwin Lutyens to take his input and build him a castle.

    Sadly, the First World War, followed by the Great Depression and financial constraints put a halt to many of its original planned features, nonetheless, one of the most famous buildings in all of England that isn't quite as old or traditional as its surroundings might lead you to believe.

  2. The narrowest street in the World! well that's in Devon - Exeter's smallest street lies at the centre of an area riddled with history and boasts a number of intriguing buildings and monuments. At its narrowest, Parliament Street measures only 0.65 meters wide, so there really isn't much wiggle room when it comes to navigating it.

  3. The Original Pasty - Yes we all know the history of the Cornish pasty but, pasties were actually invented in Devon and have been reference as long ago as 1509, the main difference is that Devon pasties are crimped on the top and Cornish pasties on the side the later of the two options allows them to be eaten safer in the Cornish mines with dirty hands.

  4. Roads Galore! - Devon has more roads than anywhere else in the country and that means there's a lot to keep track of. Devon County Council is responsible for more than 8,000 miles of roads and from single tracks that meander across Exmoor and Dartmoor to the busier A roads like the A30, the A38, and of course the M5.

  5. Devon Witches - The last recorded executions for witchcraft were in 1682 when 4 people from Bideford were hanged after being accused of witchcraft by the government in Exeter. The events soured relationships between the Puritans and residents of Bideford, Devon which is why a plaque was put up at Exeter's Rougemont Castle which commemorates their execution while depicting them as innocent victims of unjust charges. 

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