Welsh Art, Snowdonia Prints, North Wales Photos, Anglesey Prints

Welsh art, Snowdonia Prints, North Wales Photography and Anglesey Prints

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The British country of Wales, with its stunning Snowdonia National Park, Beautiful Rolling Hills, and Sweeping Never Ending Coastline of Anglesey make for some truly iconic photographic locations to explore. 

Here you will find my Landscape Photography Artwork from around Wales, a Beautiful country with many great rural and seaside locations to visit and photograph. Most of my time has been spend in the North Wales Landscape which you can see in our Framed Prints.

I have visited Wales several times over the years in our campervan Sylvie and have always enjoyed completing any Wales Landscape Photography from the stunning Snowdonia National Park or by exploring the charming locations of Anglesey and its many stunning lighthouses.

Stop by and have a look at my Welsh wall art for sale featuring our Seascape canvas prints, North Wales canvas prints, Anglesey Canvas Prints or Mountain Photography of North Wales Snowdonia.


Landscape Photos of the Ogwen valley - Snowdonia Mountains

A photographic prints of Wales Tryfan mountain range


North Wales Landscape of Twr Mawr Lighthouse on Anglesey

 Wales Twr Mawr lighthouse in the photo prints


Wall Art of Brecon Beacons, Prints of Pen y Fan

Pen Y Fan art print




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Learn more about Wales!

Wales is certainly one of those countries country with distinctive traditions and culture. Being referred to as a land of song and a place steeped in myth and legend, once you see the awe-inspiring landscape, is not any surprise. 

With mesmerising cascading waterfalls, rolling hills, steeped dramatic mountains, rugged landscapes, many castles, and a coast path that runs along the complete coastline, The Snowdonia Mountains like Llyn Ogwen and Welsh beauty is everywhere and makes it a great place for wales landscape photography and creating some stunning wall art.

A brief history of Wales

While Wales is believed to have been inhabited since 250,000 BC, it only became a recognised country in 1540 with Henry VIII's Act of Union, Within the previous couple of millennia, Wales has been home to European Celtic tribes, Roman and Saxon invaders and other people from everywhere around the world who have settled here.

Wales has its own language and identity, both of which are held in high esteem by Welsh people. it's a devolved parliament (the Welsh Parliament) and a government (the Welsh Government) that creates laws, agrees taxes and represents Welsh people, though the united kingdom Parliament and Government hold significant power and influence. Read more about the history of Wales.

Wales is usually called the castle capital of the planet . With over 600 sites remaining, we've more castles per area unit than than most other countries in Europe. Most can still be visited and a few you can even stay the night in, Like Heritage England, Wales has its own body who manage them called Cadw (the Welsh historic environment service), the National Trust, or by private owners.

Just for some extra info Welsh inventions include the ball bearings, the microphone, deep-space photography and the hydrogen cell, Also something which won't mean a lot to many people but the Welsh invented “packet switching” which is essentially how all post GSM technology works which basically means all your internet on your computer or mobile phones.


North Wales Canvas Prints of The Menai Suspension Bridge

Wales Menai Suspension bridge


Interesting facts about Wales  

  1. The longest zip wire in Europe - That would be in Wales and the next time you’re in Bethesda, North Wales, take a trip to Zip World Slate Caverns which as the longest and fastest zip line in Europe.

  2. A village with the second long name in the world! Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch means “The Church of St Mary in the hollow of the white hazel near The rapid whirlpool and The Church of St Tysilio near A red cave”.

    It's actually listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the longest place name in Europe. In case you were wondering, it gets shortened often to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll or just Llanfair PG.

  3. Welsh is spoken far and wide - 750,000 people, in and beyond the country speed the Welsh language in countries such as England, Canada, The United States and Argentina.

  4. An Englishman's (Actually a Welshmans) home is his castle - There are more castles in Wales than any other country in the world per square mile (about 610 to be exact). Caerphilly Castle is the biggest castle in Wales and is actually the second largest castle in Europe, coming behind of only Windsor Castle (Castles still controlled by a monarch).

  5. The first suspension bridge in the World!! - The Menai Suspension Bridge was the first bridge in the world to be constructed to withstand heavy traffic and is set among the north wales landscape. Designed by Thomas Telford, the bridge opened on January 30th 1826 and measured 386 meters (1,265 feet) long. It had towers 46 meters (150 feet) high with thick chains. The towers were 10 meters (33 feet) apart, linked with a deck measuring 60 feet across and 12 feet high above the supporting towers.

We could continue with amazing facts such as the Equals (=) sign was invented by welsh mathematician Robert Recorde or that the smallest cathedral city in the world is St David's in Pembrokeshire, and of course the welsh landscape is great for photography as can be seen in our North Wales Canvas Prints and Wall Art

Wales Landscape Photography of the of The Lone Tree

The Lone Tree in Wales

My youtube channel and see behind the scenes when I capture the welsh landscape


Sebastien Coell is a self-taught photographer from Devon, United Kingdom

He enjoys travel, hiking, rugby and photographing the beautiful world in which we live in, He enjoy's both the technical side of capturing the image as well as the creative act of exploring locations and finding compositions.

He love's to travel and it's his passion for landscape photography that has given him the drive to wake up at 4 am on a cold day to photograph a sunrise, stay up till 5 am to photograph the milky way and camp or stay as some amazing alpine locations over the years.

His photography primarily covers landscapes and seascapes from the UK, Europe and Scandinavia. He creates a huge selection of art prints in various paper size / print size and wall art in a range of medium from traditional wall art, canvas prints, framed prints and unframed prints all at great deals.

Sebastien Coell Photography in Questions!

What are the best things about photographing Wales?
Wales is a great place to photographic because of its diverse landscape over a relatively small area, take Snowdonia for instance, most of the big peaks are centered around the Snowdon Horseshoe, this means you can explore a lot of photographic locations without traveling too far, the same goes for Anglesey, which you can capture some amazing Anglesey Prints of its numerous Lighthouses.

Can you give us any must-sees when visiting Wales? Snowdonia it really can't be missed its a Gem of the UK, Anglesey is another must visit, if you want to see something unique and less photographed head towards the Glyders and camp for the nights.

Are there any photography myths you would like to clarify?
You don't have to shoot in manual to be a great photographer its about, selecting your mode to suit your situation.

What equipment is behind your images?
I shoot with a Canon 6D mk1 from 2016
Lens wise, Canon 70-200 F4, Canon 16-35 F4, Canon 24-105 F4
Nikon AIS F1.2, Samyang 14mm F2.8 (for astro)
Lee filters 0.9 soft grad, 0.6 hard grad, 10 stop filter

Spend your money on good lenses and a good tripod,

What is the best things about being a British based photographer?
The UK is a relativity small place but it has a very diverse landscape, you can see mountain ranges, rolling hills, flowing meadows, and a great never ending coastline. Plus you never too far away from a pub lunch.

Where has your photography taken you?
Furthest would be the Lofoten islands, longest away would be Croatia and Northern Italy

What have been your biggest challenges with your photography so far?
Probably the process of running a business from it, building websites, completing SEO etc are tasks I enjoy but are very time consuming, I also don't like post production work on photos, I like to get it correct on the camera.

What do you use Lightroom or Photoshop?
Lightroom for a catalogue, Photoshop 100% for editing, Camera Raw is very good.

What is your favourite landscape photography location to date?
That's quite easy The Italian Dolomites.

What are the most important things to consider when becoming a professional photographer? Try and produce your own style and learn to be a good marketer. Make sure you always provide a top service and the best experience.

How has your youtube channel helped your photography business?
It has helped me with inspiration, I am self thought so youtube has helped me lots over the years and it has been good to give back to the community by sharing my own work. I love the comments and engagement it has provided over the years.

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