6 Reasons Why Framed Prints Make the Best Gifts

6 Reasons Why Framed Prints Make the Best Gifts
Six Reasons Why Framed Prints Make the Best Gifts and how to choose them for your Recipient

Why choose wall art for the perfect gift?

Why choose wall art for the perfect gift?

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but do they make a good gift? You have most probably gifted a photo before either of friends or family, taken at birthdays or weddings. It could have even been a school portrait that was sent to a relative when you were younger.

So would you consider landscape photography as a gift? Well I may be biased but I believe they can make some of the best Gifts you can find, here are 6 reasons why they can make the perfect photo gifts.

1. They are meaningful.

Buying a photographic print whether framed or not as photo gift, shows them you have thought deeply about the recipient and make great personalised gifts. it may be a place you visited together sharing a moment or celebration, or just a beautiful capture of a place you know they will love.

2. They are one of a kind

The framed print you gift is individual to the recipient, it may be because its a place they like, somewhere they lived or holidayed in, it may be where they got married or engaged and the emotional connection they will have to location will be unique to them.

3. They add character and charm to their home

The Roman poet Horace once said "a picture is a poem without words" it can add a story to their walls, colour and vibrancy to their home whilst showing of their individuality. Photography is available in so many forms as well, you can gift them a piece of wall art, a framed photo or even a personalised print or personalised photo gifts. Plus you will be to cool person who got them that unique gift.

4. They are a great talking point.

It's extremely likely the print or canvas wall art you have given to them, will be totally unique to your friend. They are a great item to show of their individuality or spark off a conversation about their favourite place or time.

5. They can tell their story.

Every picture has a story behind it, it could be their favourite walk location, their favourite part of the country, where they got married or engaged. That special place they have an emotional connection to, photo gifts are a perfect way to show of this story and hence, surely a winner if your looking for gift ideas.

6. They can transport them back in time.

Framed photographic prints have the ability to bring back memories of the past, bring the past into their home and allow those memories to be retold. 

We can't physically travel back in time but memories visualised and shared are a good alternative.

People like to buy art from where you have strong memories and it goes without saying that people in Wales are likely to want to purchase some Snowdonia Prints for their walls. 


How to choose wall art for the perfect gift?

How to choose wall art for the perfect gift?

What follows are some quick tips to get you inspired when you're thinking of giving art as a gift.

  • Think about the persons tastes and preferences

Whether you are trying to buy a gift for a close friend or family member, it's always worth making your best guess as to what their tastes might be. This way, you can better tailor the gift accordingly.

For example: Is their home full of modern accessories? Do they enjoy traditional pieces from across history? What are their passions and does it tie in with what they like to do out-of-office during their free time?

Using these details can help steer you into buying something that is even better suited for them and also offers more value given the high levels of thoughtfulness that went into such a purchase.

  • Would it suit or fit into their home

It's great to give gifts at any time of the year, whether it be Christmas, Birthdays or any other special occasion. However, for a gift to be truly memorable, there has to be thought given to not just the selection of an object but also as to how this is going to look in the recipient's home.

You don't want someone forgetting about your present and putting it away with the rest of their unseen stuff because they don't have the space or place for it.

Perhaps consider gifting smaller works of art which they can display in many ways according to where they feel like hanging up their newest gift!

  • Do they have a genre or even a artist they prefer or admire

Know your audience. If the person you are buying for has a favourite artist or style, consider incorporating their style into your gift without going overboard.

For example, if they're into beautiful landscapes with a lot of contrast, give them a print featuring something along the same theme or even better try and get something by the same artist. 

  • Think about the occasion its for

Think about the occasion the gift is for. Would a certain theme work well? For instance with birthday gifts you can be more generic, but for something like an anniversary it might be worthwhile buying custom gifts such as a landscape print of the area they honeymooned at.

For other occasions like mothers or fathers day, personalised prints of family or loved ones can be a good choice and these can even be added to any existing gallery wall in the home. 

Why do you think they would make a good gift? Let us know in the Comments box below!

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