Wall Art - The Benefits it brings to your Health and why it matters in your Home

Stunning nature photography for your home walls to bring nature into your home and office Sebastien Coell Photography 

The difference Wall Art can make to your Home and great way it connects us to Nature and our Past improving our wellness and health. 

Having your own space, such as the walls of your home, apartment, cottage or office, can you give you a perfect opportunity and blank canvas to tell your story and express your personality.

These walls create the perfect place to share your memories or life events, such as places you have visited or locations you have shared during various times in your life, such as a weddings, engagements or holidays.

Wall art is a great choice to share these tales and moments from your life, and at Sebastien Coell Photography we create top quality European art for your enjoyment, from various locations around Europe, Scandinavia and the UK which we hope can compliment this.

Here are our thoughts on why Wall Art is so important for your home and the benefits it brings to your Health.

So why wall art?

Wall art matters more than ever in our households, telling stories, linking us to our past and sharing experiences allowing us to escape our daily stressful lives whilst bringing warmth and joy into our indoor environments.

So Indeed, wall art and photography matter a great deal in our homes, which is why we will mention the reasons that you should add them to your home, office, apartment or cottage. as well as mentioning their many valuable benefits. 


1. They make it easy to add Colour to a Dull Space


our wall art prints add colour and vibrance to your home 

Choosing colours to add vibrancy to a space, can often be a daunting challenge. There are so many varied shades of colour, the possibilities can seem endless, which can make it seem difficult to know exactly what kind of vision you desire for your home, office, apartment or cottage. But there can be an easier way, you can use your artwork to inspire your choice of colours. 

It can sometimes be good to think about your wall art and what colours or themes they might incorporate and then match your wall colours to these, either contrasting the colours in the artwork to make the wall art stand out, or by subtlety matching the colours and shades in your art to the ones in your wall and decor.

Of course you can always keep it simple, with simple colours or white walls and instead place your focus on adding some amazing wall art or landscape photography pieces. This allows your artwork to be the main focus.

The colours in the artwork will truly add more intensity and colour in your space. The colours in your artwork can then become the shades, colours and focal point of your room, allowing you to add more colour into your home.


2. They make it easy to Form a Point of Focus 

Bring wall art into your home and create a focal point to show of you personality 

A key principal in the world of interior design is the fact that your space should have a point of focus. The point of focus is intended to draw your eye to the item either letting it dictate the style and ambiance of the space or to tell a story through the image, such as a place to have visited or spend a good time at creating a memorable connection.

As a result, you can decide to make a wonderful piece of artwork the point of focus of your room!. at Sebastien Coell Photography we create stunning wall art from around Europe, Scandinavia and the UK, so why not check out our pieces of art for sale to add some dramatic artwork to your wall by clicking here 

Using art as your point of focus can tell a great story from your life reflecting back to one of your favorite travel destinations or the place you got engaged at or married at, giving that emotional connection and sharing these moments with friends and family.

Wall art prints make this possible whilst creating beautiful interiors, you could for instance hang your selection of art over the mantle of a fireplace, on a wall above a table or sofa or above your bed. Moreover, you could take the opportunity to create a gallery wall that would certainly add more drama to any space, such as a dining room, an office, a den, a living room, a bedroom or even an entryway.


A quick note on size!

When you are in the process of deciding which artwork would you would like to incorporate into your home, you must consider the size of the space and the size of the print. Artwork or photography prints that are too small will become obscured by furniture that is nearby.

Also, artwork or prints that are too massive in size will seem like they are dominating the space. You should measure your walls in order to fully realise the exact amount of space that you have for your artwork or prints to make sure they will have the right sense of size for the space. 


3. They allow you to add Texture and Depth to your Walls 

wall art prints can add depth and texture to your walls 

It cannot be denied that all artwork is not created in the same manner and that all artwork does not present the same type of visual effect. They however all offer one thing in common, they add depth and texture to you walls and connect you with locations or moments from your past. They add vibrance, a pop and a story to what could be a boring space.

When you are using any type of wall art, or prints from us such as our Scandinavian landscape photography or wall art prints of the UK. It is a good idea to give consideration to the types of frames and type of artwork.

For instance we offer three types of frames as well as Canvas prints at Sebastien Coell Photography, and these can all compliment a space differently, by changing the texture and depth in your space. 

Be sure to think about the overall look including how the media or framing will affect your overall scene, not just the artwork or print. 


4. They Provide a Finished Look to your Walls. 

Our landscape photography of Europe and the UK can add a finished look to your images 

Reflect on the spaces that you have previously lived at that seemed to not have much inspiration in them. That could be your first place once you graduated from University or your first apartment that you had when you left home. There is a strong likelihood that those places had a sense of being somewhat unfinished. In many cases, such spaces also have predominantly white walls.

This can actually create the perfect white canvas and for such spaces that seem unfinished, wall art and photography are great options to make a space have a more polished and finished look.

Thus, when you place art and photography in your space, this makes the space seem more welcoming instead of just being a space that is cold and functional.

You will sense that your space has an elevated sense of appeal and design when you choose to include artwork that is unique to you and shares your artistic merits and memories.


5. The Benefits of Art and Landscape Photography in your home 

Landscape photography brings nature into your home, helping you to relax


  • They Link to your past 

Framed photographic prints and wall art have the ability to bring back memories of the past and bring the past into your home allowing those memories to be retold. We can't physically travel back in time but memories visualised and shared are a good alternative.

Sometimes bringing the magic of the past into your current life can work wonders and having pictures of loved ones or past memories of special places visit can be really powerful.  

  • They create Memories of places visited 

Perhaps you have visited some really amazing places. Then art and photography from those places can keep your memories alive for a long time. 

Every picture has a story behind it, it could be your favourite walk location,  favourite part of the country, where you got married or engaged. That special place you have an emotional connection to.

Showing these special places of in your home can create that perfect space to relax and improving your mental health and wellbeing.

  • They Bring nature into the home 

When you place photographic prints and art on the walls of your home, this allows you to bring more of a sense of nature into your home.

Sometime we all spend much a little too much time in our homes and are not able to enjoy being out in nature as much as they would like to do.

But with the usage of wall art prints and landscape photography, you can have the beauty and calming effect of nature somewhat in your life, which is beneficial for your health, mind and overall well being. 

  • They add Vibrancy and Personality to your home 

You will be able to make your space experience an elevated sense of vibrancy and personality when you place great looking art and photography on the walls of your home, office or business.

These prints can help to tell your story or to show off locations you have visited and add that wow factor to your home to impress friends and family.  

  •  They add your uniqueness to your Home 

It is wonderful to realise that your space will allow you the opportunity for expressing your personality. You can use wall art to tell your particular story. It is frequently the case that when someone is dealing with interior design, people miss out on making the space more personal.

People frequently tend to decorate their walls without much consideration of the items and design. Sometimes people do not even bother to put anything on their walls.

But your space does not have to be bland and boring. You have a life. You have interests. You have a story to tell. Thus, you can pick out some sensational prints to show of your personality, or places you have visited, expressing your interests. 

This is just a few of the benefits of art, living with the correct home decor and the right wall art in our homes can improve our mental health by making us more fulfilled in our lives.

If your lucky enough to get some time why not try creating art for your home, the process has many mental health benefits and helps to ground you.



Wall art prints can bring a great deal of joy to your home, they help us connect to the past, and or locations we have visited. We may have even shared a special moment at those locations.

They also allow us to bring nature into our homes, improving our mental health and lightening our mood and allow us to share our story and personalities with friends and family. 

They can help add vibrancy to a bland space, and almost every image is unique because people perceive artwork differently 

The Roman poet Horace sums wall art up quite well, he once said "a picture is a poem without words" it can add a story to your walls, colour and vibrancy to your home whilst showing of your individuality. 

What do you feel is important when choosing your wall art? Let us know in the Comments box below!


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