Why Wall Art is Essential in your Home Decor

Framed prints in your home made a big improvement such as the photographic prints available from sebastien coell photography

Why its framed prints and Wall Art are Essential in your Home Decor! 

Framed prints and wall art are a decorative element that gives a lot of personality and enjoyment to the different spaces of a house

From portraits of people and characters, to abstract art, through all the in-between: animals, landscapes and classical monuments.

Every colour palette matters, every element counts and every frame gives your home a special personality and uniqueness.

That is why knowing what to choose and how to combine wall art is very important to have a home as unique as yourself.

In this article you will find the benefits of using art prints to decorate your home, what types of photos can fit your personal style, and where is the best place to hang framed pictures to create the perfect interior design. 

Benefits of art and photography in your home

We often fall into the mistake of over-decorating our rooms with figures, plants and souvenirs that take up a lot of space on our furniture, but we tend to forget to decorate our walls.

Having too many figures and ornaments is a problem for two reasons: it is something that, in addition to being very difficult to clean, feels unbalanced with bare walls.

The best thing about using paintings and photographs to decorate is that they are easily to hanghardly take up any space, are very easy to maintain and can be combined in many different ways to capture your own personality in them and to create a welcoming space for you to relax in. 

Wall art and wall coverings in general are a great idea to connect you to things that make you happy and they can bring many benefits.

Why Wall Art is Essential in your Home for the following reasons

Links to the past - memories with Family and Friends

One of the most common ways to see decorated walls is with family portraits. Some more classic ones have family trees on the wall with all faces framed evenly. Other families prefer to have family frames featuring funny portraits of all of them, family photos, and fun memories. It is clear that portraits of the people we love the most is one of the best ways to keep the links with our past alive. 

Photographs are memories from our past, create some memories at scoellphotography


Memories of the places visited

For the most travel-loving families, it is not surprising that they frame the memories of their travels and the exotic places they have visited.

Sometimes a large painting with a minimalist landscape and a good contrast of bright colours can be create the perfect wall art solution for the head of the bed or to hang directly above your sofa area. Other times, small souvenir photos with selfies in the most hidden and fun places can be a very pleasant way to remember the countries you have visited.

Other people choose to buy professional photographs of idyllic places that they would love to travel to one day and can then make some great dramatic wall art for their home with is a great way to add a focal point to your home and compliment the surrounding furniture.

Memories of place visited in your life through photographs 


Bringing nature into the home

For the more urban homes, wall art can be the connection with nature that is sorely missed. The big palm trees of the hot summers in Hawaii, the lush American sequoias or the frozen Scandinavian Nordic forests surely is the best wall art for helping you to relax.

If not, you can always opt for small frames with photos of cactus's or colourful flowers that give a cosy and pleasant touch to the entrance of your house. 

A photograph can link to your past helping you share good memories and times with friends and family  


Adding vibrancy and personality to your home

Framed photographs are also often used to capture your tastes and personality. In fact, in interior design its one of the best ways to do it and wall art matters in creating that special place to call your home.

For the most minimalist people with the intention of building a relaxed home and with that zen style so characteristic of Asia, you can opt for photographs of stones in balance or some bamboo which can help create that relaxing home atmosphere..

For people who love adventure and are free spirit, a landscape print of a scenic location can be a great way of showing your personally on your walls.

For the most romantic and classic people, photographs of central Europe are always a good bet: classic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Tower of Pisa; or the romantic nights on a canal in which a small boat passes by, or maybe the streets of the most rural Italy are an excellent option. 

Wall art adds uniqueness and personally to your wall and household decor


How to choose the perfect photo

Wall art that never fails to decorate any space are landscape photographs. You can find images of iconic places that convey your essence in addition to combining perfectly with the colours of your room.

You can have prints of different sizes, different style like abstract art, black and white art or modern art, you can combine their colour palettes, and choose similar frames to create a work of art with the combination itself. One of the most classic ways of doing this in interior design, is by using abstract forms of art, such as city maps or vector posters, with which you can create straight lines that give a feeling of order and cleanliness to the room. 

How to choose the right picture for your home, at sebastien coell photography we can help 

For the Adventurer and outdoor lover, landscape photography can be a winner: why not have a look at range of prints at Sebastien Coell Photography

Why Choose European prints?

Photographs of Europe are a perfect option if you like colorful landscapes full of vitality and the romanticism of the most classic cities. Travel between the cities of Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Austria and enjoy their wonderful views and the unique monuments that they house.

Stroll between fairy-tale castle walls, visit iconic cities like Hallstatt, and climb the continent's most impressive peaks. Among the European landscapes you will find everything you are looking for: nature, tradition, color, city and night photographs

our european landscape photography prints add vibrance to your home walls and decor

Why Choose prints of Britain?

If you prefer the British area, there is also a good repertoire of photographs that can meet your needs: Wales, Scotland and England, travel all over the United Kingdom and decorate your walls with its impressive landscapes.

From the sandy beaches to the lighthouses on the coast. From the rivers running to the fauna that inhabit them. Discover all the secrets of the region and immerse yourself in it every day. Its pictures will not leave you indifferent

our photographic prints from around the UK including Wales, England, Scotland, glencoe, Harris and Lewis, Isle of Sky and Devon and Cornwall

Why Choose Scandinavian prints?

For lovers of snow or minimalism interior designScandinavian framed prints are the best option. The vibrant colors of homes, cabins and nature in stark contrast to the snow and gray skies provide elegant and stylish images. They manage to bring seriousness and simplicity to your home, the calm of nature enters directly through that frame and invades your interior. They are a perfect option for Nordic-style homes or for those who seek calm and tranquillity. 

beautiful scandinavian artwork for sale, framed photographic prints and wall art


Where is best to hang the framed prints?

In recent times we have learned that our house is much more than a house. We have learned to turn our living room into a meeting room, with videoconferences, and convert that little space into our office. We have learned to turn our bedroom into a gym and so on.

So it's time to give your home a facelift. Reconvert the spaces, give them a new personality and make them tell a new story: your story. 


The new office

You know that corner with a small table, a chair and maybe a plant? Redecorate it and make it your office. You do not even need walls, and you don't need to buy new curtains. Use the simplest and most minimalist designs for that place: it is important that the space helps you to be focused and motivated at the same time. 

Wall art in the office can create a gentle and calming mood


In the hallway

The hallway? No, now it will be your personal gallery and wall art matters here a lots as its seen by many in the household.

Cover the hallway wall with your favourite photos of the places you've been. Choose the most spectacular and give them an order to tell your story: where you met, where you got married, the honeymoon and your first trip with the children. Or you can choose a colour gamma and go with it. You can also choose a single trip and combine the photos with prints of the map of the area or some posters. Make it unique. 

Wall art for your home hall


In the bedroom

One of the best options is to place the photo frames resting directly on a shelf. Place it between a few books and a plant to give that much-sought homely touch. Portraits, family photos, or less formal ones tend to work best in those spaces. Small and framed to stand upright, they are the best option for any bedroom. 

The right wall art for the bedroom can often be one that creates a focal point and works well with the surrounding furniture to instantly draw attention to something which is visually pleasing.

This technique is highly used in interior design world and documented in publications like interior design magazine.

Landscape prints can help to make a bedroom a calm and relaxing place


In the living room

One of the classics among the classics is to frame a huge photograph and place it on top of the sofa to create a focal point in the room. Find a large, empty wall space that you can fill with that and place it well centered and in harmony with the rest of the furniture. Another option is to support it directly on the ground, nestled between a flowerpot and a decorative figure. The largest frames are incredibly stylish. 

Living room photographs can help to show of your travels and personally to friends and family and add vibrance and a story to a space


A mix that never disappoints

If you are not sure which one to choose, you can always go for the mix. Choose different photos, different places, different sizes and even different frame styles and hang them in the form of a messy collage to make a creative gallery wall.

Depending on how much room you have this can work well when working with a small space or even an entire room by being choosey about your wall hangings and the piece of wall art you choose to hang.

If you can put together a uniform colour palette, it will be first class. And if not, it will be as familiar and unique as it is your home. It is one of the most used options because it never fails, people love the look of a good mix of home décor so why not give it a try. 

The best thing about framed prints is that they work for everyone. Whatever home you have, you will always have a small space in a wall. Whatever personality you have, you will always find a photograph that will take your breath away.

Whatever your favourite colour, you will always find the perfect colour palette to decorate your living room or bedroom, and as Thomas Merton once said. “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" https://www.brainyquote.com/

What do you feel is important when choosing your wall art? Let us know in the Comments box below!


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