How to Choose Wall Art to Bring Your Home to Life

How to Choose Wall Art and Bring Your Home to Life Scoellphotography fine art prints from around devon, cornwall and england

5 Factors to Consider when Choosing Wall Art for your Home to bring your walls to life and tell your story 

You may choose the best paint, rugs, and furniture for your home and still find it lacking in warmth, and expression. That can often happen when the walls of your home are left bare, devoid of any character or statement.

Adorning them with beautiful wall art such as impactful canvas prints or framed photography of breath-taking landscapes can be instrumental in bringing your home to life and adding depth and vibrancy to your style of decor. 

You might be sceptical about wall art's ability to do much for your home but it offers several benefits:

  • Personalises a space: Wall art with a strong focal point gives you the rare ability to eloquently express yourself to anyone who enters your space. It is a means of making your space speak about you, your lifestyle, your preferences, and the like. This is a trick that an interior designer would use to describe you.

    The framed art can equally be something that speaks to you, calming you, soothing you, helping you connect to your surroundings.
  • Can link you with good memories: An artistic photo print of a memorable place you have visited can be a beautiful piece of wall art to have. Not only will it lift the aesthetics of the room but it will help lift your spirits every time you look at it and remember the treasured experience of your past.
  • Creates warmth and an engaging environment: Bare, plain walls can give a very clinical, bland look to a room. It can leave a person feeling cold and alienated. The right wall art as a focal point can add splashes of colour to bring much-needed warmth into such a room while the visuals of the wall art are always instrumental in engaging those who look upon it. The wall art in your space can also be a good conversation-starter when meeting with new people and dealing with awkward moments. 

These are but some of the ways in which your home can benefit from the addition of choosing wall art for different spaces. Summarily put, it is an indisputable fact that wall art is one of the most powerful means of adding an extra dimension to your home, which can go a long way in making your place more inviting, warm, and vibrant.

Five Key Factors To Consider When Buying Wall Art 

How to choose the perfect wall art for your home


When you go shopping for wall art, you will find that there are unlimited options in the market, which can be overwhelming!  Additionally, to truly benefit from the art you buy for your home, you need to buy a piece that is right for you. Finding the right piece can often be tricky and at Sebastien Coell Photography, we try and create the perfect landscape wall art for your home.

Are prints from around Europe, Scandinavia and the UK can connect you back to memories and times you have spend at locations. However to get the best from your artwork it's always nice to match it to your home decor.

However if your not a connoisseur in all things interior design, we thought this guide would help you through the process of adding beautiful landscape and seascape imagery to your home.


1. Get The Right Size 

Pick the correct size for your wall art so it compliments your surroundings and works with your home decor

Most often than not, people focus on getting visually compelling art. However, while that holds merit, the piece will lose its aesthetic value if you get the wrong size: Too small, and the piece will fail to make an impact and draw attention, and if it is too big, it can become visually overwhelming and crowd the whole room's decor. Finding the right size, therefore, is of the essence.

How do you know the right size? Here are a few tips: 

  • Regardless of where you plan to put the wall art- the hallway, the living room, the bedroom- the art needs to be take up to 50%-75% of the available wall space, and when in doubt, it is always better to go big than small.
  • To make sure your wall art stands out, it is best to place it so that it is at least 6 to 12 inches above any furniture against the wall.
  • If you are unable to find the right art in a big size or are not inclined to using a big piece of wall art, you can always choose to use a cluster of small pieces of wall art to create the same kind of visual impact.
  • If you are hanging your wall art above a couch or other piece of furniture, keeping your art piece 2/3 to 3/4 the width of said furniture is the best way of creating maximum visual impact.
  • As a general rule-of-thumb, wall art is hung on the wall so that the center of it is at the eye-level. This helps make sure that the piece makes for a striking presence in the room.

At Sebastien Coell Photography we offer standard sizes from 5"x7" upto 24"x36" with bigger prints on demand so we should have the size to meet your circumstances.  


2. Let The Art Express Who You Are 

Let your artwork express who you are, or where you have travelled or have an emotional connection with, maybe you travelled there, got engaged there, married there or shared a holiday or vacation there

It is easy to get carried away and pick up a currently trending piece of art. But, rather than buying a generic piece of wall art that says nothing about you, focus on buying a piece that speaks to you and about you, we understand this isn't always as easy as it sounds but try and think of what you would love to see everyday.

If, for example, you love to travel, then a cluster of small artistic photo prints of the scenic landscapes you have seen would be a beautiful way of adding character and color to your home.

If you love nature, then a print of a breathtaking landscape can be the perfect expression. Scandinavian landscape photography, in particular, has gained popularity because of the magical views that can be captured in the region, and of course please feel free to check out our scandinavian prints we have for sale by clicking here 

You can also choose to express yourself in the smaller details such as choosing between a black-and-white print or a colorful one and between a panoramic view and a specific angle. Finally, you can focus on choosing wall art filled with your favorite colors and tones. 


3. Decide On The Theme You Want 

Decide on the theme you want for your room so you can pick the perfect wall art print from sebastien coell photography to compliment your room


Any room can have a theme and knowing what it is before deciding on the wall art you buy for that space can help you with your overall look. So, for example, if you have a bright and airy theme, then a beautiful beach print of our seascape photography might be the perfect wall art.

If, however, you wish to create a more intimate feel for the space- such as for a bedroom- then a simpler, poignant, black-and-white print can be the most effective means of achieving said goal.

When it comes to the theme of a room, the reality is that often people like to change their decor vibes quite often. You can cater to these changes by swapping different wall art pieces with each other for different seasons. While a bright beach print is perfect for summer, you might swap that with an autumn tree in all its glory for the autumn season and a print of snowy mountain peaks would go perfectly with winter-time. 


4. Choose The Right Colors 

Pick wall art colours that match your homes colour theme to create the perfect statement image


Even a wall art print can lose its impact if its colors clash with the color palette of the room. This can some what be fixed by using simple frame colours such as black and white, or natural wood works well. However choosing a wall art piece while keeping the color scheme of your room in mind can help with your overall look.

There are several options to consider when settling on the color theme you want for your wall art: 

  • If you want to go for a simple cohesive look, choose a single color matching the color palette of your room.
  • If you are looking for a bit more vibrance, you can identify the colors opposite to your room's color theme and use them in your wall art to add splashes of color to room decor.
  • If you want to add depth to your room in a subtle fashion then you can stick to the same color as your room and employ various shades of that color in your wall art.
  • If you aren't sure about which color approach to go with, the safest option is to stick with a black-and-white approach.
  • It is a general rule-of-thumb to employ colors in the wall art in the same proportion as they are present in the room.


5. Match The Wall Art With The Room's Style Of Decor 

Match your landscape photography from seb coell photos to your interior design of your home


The best means of creating a cohesive look in your room when buying wall art for it is to ensure it matches with the style of the decor of that room. If for example, you have a minimalist style of decor in the room, then it is best to get wall art that is simple in design either in limited colors or in black-and-white.

Alternatively, if you have a contemporary style of room decor then abstract wall art or symmetrical artwork with clear lines will go well for such a space. At the end of the day, you want your wall art to augment your style of decor and that is only possible if you coordinate its style to the decor style you have in the room. 

These simple guidelines can be instrumental in helping you secure the wall art most appropriate for your space and one which is likely to deliver the required results of adding warmth, character, and the relevant flair to a room. What is important to remember is that buying wall art for your room is not just a matter of window shopping and choosing something that falls in your budget: It is about careful consideration of several factors specific to you and your home.

This being said this is simply a guide to get the best from your wall art. Your wall art print you purchase will more than likely be unique to you and the memories and connection it brings will be unique to you. 

Framed photographic prints and wall art have the ability to bring back memories of the past and bring the past into your home allowing those memories to be retold. We can't physically travel back in time but memories visualised and shared are a good alternative.

So if the artwork is right for you and brings you joy and stories into your home, go for the piece of art and work your decor around it.


Please feel free to browse our artwork from around Europe by clicking below to find stunning prints and wall art for your home, let us know in the comments box and tips you have on creating the perfect story telling wall in your home.  

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What do you feel is important when choosing your wall art? Let us know in the Comments box below!


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