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Devon Artist, Devon Landscape, Dartmoor Prints 

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The British county of Devon, with its stunning Dartmoor National Park, Beautiful Rolling Hills, and Sweeping Never Ending Coastline make for some truly iconic photographic locations to explore. We have tried to capture the beauty of Devon and the Dartmoor National park in our art prints and canvas prints. 

Here you will find my Southwest wall art from the county i'm glad to call home. I have been photographing and exploring South Devon and many of its charming locations for a good part of my life. Often drawn to the isolation and contrasts of the Dartmoor National Park or the never ending Golden Sand Beaches littering the coast.

Dartmoor is a must visit for anyone looking to explore its scenic landscapes, from Horse Riding on Dartmoor to Dartmoor Gliding there are many things to do whilst in Devon. 

Fancy a Photographic Gift, Stop by and have a look at my Devon Art Prints for sale featuring our Dartmoor National Park prints, Canvas Prints or Wall Art Prints of its open Moorland, Rolling Hills and Dramatic Tors or our Seascape photos of the Rugged and Sweeping Coastline.

My art collection from Devon and the Dartmoor National Park is continually growing, I try and visit many coastal locations throughout the year to capture both Seascapes and Landscape Photography from Dartmoor, Be sure to check back to see our recent updates to see our latest home decor prints online from the region.


Wall art prints of the Dartmoor National Parks, Holwell

Dartmoor national park howell lawn during sunset


Home Decor Prints of Devon's Coast at Westcombe bay 

Westcombe bay under a fiery sky during sunset


A photographic art print of Great Staple Tor 


Our home decor wall art photos of Great Staple Tor




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Learn more about Devon!

The fantastic county of Devon is somewhere I'm glad to call home and somewhere I have spent many year photography and capturing many of my wall art and canvas prints from.

Devon can be found lying within the heart of South West England, surrounded by the counties of Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall. 

There are approximately 1.1 million people living in Devon. The county features a relatively low population density as compared to other regions in England. So its a great place to go for a walk with your camera and see some rolling Devon Landscapes.

A brief history of Devon!

Human remains have previously been discovered in Kents Cavern in Torquay, dating back an estimated 30,000-40,000 years and it's thought that Dartmoor was inhabited by Mesolithic hunter-gatherers as far back as 6200 BC.

Devon’s name comes from the word Dumnonia, because it was once home to the Dumnonni Celts during Iron Age and is believed to mean ‘deep valley dwellers’. The Celtic region flourished for nearly 500 years, although there had been constant threats of invasions from the Anglo-Saxons.

Eventually, the Kings of Dumnonia are thought to have withdrawn to safer strongholds in Cornwall and Devon had its first mention within the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in AD 823. the realm was originally a part of the Wessex Sees of Winchester then Sherborne.

Following King William the Conqueror’s invasion in 1066, he quickly recognised the importance of securing the West Country and divided the rich farmland up amongst his Norman Barons. Since his reign, there have been variety of further battles affecting Devon throughout the centuries, including the war of King Steven, coastal attacks by the French and also the Prayer Book Rebellion.

Natural Devon may be a very rural county, made from hilly landscapes, coastal cliffs and sandy shores. There are two great National Parks in Devon where you can see great examples of this landscape, one being Dartmoor which is near and dear to my heart. You can see many examples of my wall art and landscape photography from Dartmoor on this site.

Dartmoor is the largest open space in Southern England. Here you’ll find granite tors, which entice walkers of all abilities to the area. The second is Exmoor, which lies in both Devon and Somerset, and is a large stretch of open moorland.

Almost 70% of Devon’s coastline is classed as a Heritage Coast, with the South West Coast Path running the whole lot, offering an intensive selection of lovely walks beside the ocean. I would highly recommend a visit to South Devon and the South Hams.


Our home decor wall art pictures of Brentor Church
 Dartmoor's Brentor Church photographed during the Golden Hour

Interesting facts about Devon  

  1. The Last Castle - Not everything in Devon is ancient. Castle Drogo, for example, was built in 1930 and can be found about a mile south of the village of Drewsteignton. Julius Drewe bought up to 450 acres surrounding this small community and asked architect Edwin Lutyens to take his input and build him a castle.

    Sadly, the First World War, followed by the Great Depression and financial constraints put a halt to many of its original planned features, nonetheless, one of the most famous buildings in all of England that isn't quite as old or traditional as its surroundings might lead you to believe.

  2. The narrowest street in the World! well that's in Devon - Exeter's smallest street lies at the centre of an area riddled with history and boasts a number of intriguing buildings and monuments. At its narrowest, Parliament Street measures only 0.65 meters wide, so there really isn't much wiggle room when it comes to navigating it.

  3. The Original Pasty - Yes we all know the history of the Cornish pasty but, pasties were actually invented in Devon and have been reference as long ago as 1509, the main difference is that Devon pasties are crimped on the top and Cornish pasties on the side the later of the two options allows them to be eaten safer in the Cornish mines with dirty hands.

  4. Roads Galore! - Devon has more roads than anywhere else in the country and that means there's a lot to keep track of. Devon County Council is responsible for more than 8,000 miles of roads and from single tracks that meander across Exmoor and Dartmoor to the busier A roads like the A30, the A38, and of course the M5.

  5. Devon Witches - The last recorded executions for witchcraft were in 1682 when 4 people from Bideford were hanged after being accused of witchcraft by the government in Exeter. The events soured relationships between the Puritans and residents of Bideford, Devon which is why a plaque was put up at Exeter's Rougemont Castle which commemorates their execution while depicting them as innocent victims of unjust charges. 


Home decor photographic prints Great Staple Tor

Great Staple Tor on the Dartmoor National Park


Follow my youtube channel and see behind the scenes when I capture my photography 

Sebastien Coell 
is a self-taught photographer from Devon, United Kingdom

He enjoys travel, hiking, rugby and photographing the beautiful world in which we live in, He enjoy's both the technical side of capturing the image as well as the creative act of exploring locations and finding compositions.

He love's to travel and it's his passion for photography that has given him the drive to wake up at 4 am on a cold day to photograph a sunrise, stay up till 5 am to photograph the milky way and camp or stay as some amazing alpine locations over the years.

His photography primarily covers landscapes and seascapes from the UK, Europe and Scandinavia. He creates a huge selection of art prints in various paper size / print size and wall art in a range of medium from traditional wall art, canvas prints, framed prints and unframed prints all at great deals. 

Sebastien Coell Photography in Questions!

What are the best things about photographing Devon?
Well its local for a start but apart from that. It's probably the range of opportunities, I would always sum up Devon as being a land filled with contrasts, you have blue water, golden beach, green flowing meadows and grey granite tors all within 45 mins of each other.

As Long as you can put up with the unpredictable weather you always have a good choice of what to go an photograph.

Can you give us any must-sees when visiting Devon? Best places I could recommend would be the South Hams and Dartmoor or some of the rugged coast of North Devon. You really can't go wrong with any of those 3, Great Staple Tor on Dartmoor is always worth a visit.

Are there any photography myths you would like to clarify?
You don't have to shoot in manual to be a great photographer its about, selecting your mode to suit your situation.

What equipment is behind your images?
I shoot with a Canon 6D mk1 from 2016
Lens wise, Canon 70-200 F4, Canon 16-35 F4, Canon 24-105 F4
Nikon AIS F1.2, Samyang 14mm F2.8 (for astro)
Lee filters 0.9 soft grad, 0.6 hard grad, 10 stop filter

Spend your money on good lenses and a good tripod,

What is the best things about being a British based photographer?
The UK is a relativity small place but it has a very diverse landscape, you can see mountain ranges, rolling hills, flowing meadows, and a great never ending coastline. Plus you never too far away from a pub lunch.

Where has your photography taken you?
Furthest would be the Lofoten islands, longest away would be Croatia and Northern Italy

What have been your biggest challenges with your photography so far?
Probably the process of running a business from it, building websites, completing SEO etc are tasks I enjoy but are very time consuming, I also don't like post production work on photos, I like to get it correct on the camera.

What do you use Lightroom or Photoshop?
Lightroom for a catalog, Photoshop 100% for editing, Camera Raw is very good.

What is your favourite photography location to date?
That's quite easy The Italian Dolomites.

What are the most important things to consider when becoming a professional photographer? Try and produce your own style and learn to be a good marketer. Make sure you always provide a top service and the best experience.

How has your youtube channel helped your photography business?
It has helped me with inspiration, I am self thought so youtube has helped me lots over the years and it has been good to give back to the community by sharing my own work. I love the comments and engagement it has provided over the years.


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