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Sebastien Coell Photography landscape photography and wall art from around the alps


Hi and welcome to my photographic corner of the web.  

Sebastien Coell is a Devon based Landscape Photographer, who enjoys travel, hiking, rugby and photographing the beautiful world in which we live in.

Photography to me is a creative extension upon exploring new locations. It gives me both the drive and reward that comes with traveling to new places.

I enjoy both the technical side of capturing the image as well as the creative act of exploring locations and finding compositions. 

I love to travel and it's my passion for photography that has given me the drive to wake up at 4 am on a cold day to photograph a sunrise, stay up till 5 am to photograph the milkyway and camp or stay as some amazing alpine locations over the years.

Its through sites like this and Etsy I love to share my images with you, so please have a look through my site to see if there is anything you like.




Our ECO credentials 

Landscape Photography and Nature go hand in hand, and I try and operate whilst reducing the impacts it has on our beautiful planet.

I am a member of Nature First Photography an organisation that promotes the greater care of the planet through the photography community  

We also offset our environmental impact from shipping your order via Etsy's and Shopify's Carbon Offset Program. By paying a small amount we put back into projects which help protect our planet.

Every year I manually donate 5% of my sales from Etsy to the WWF Charity, in my own site (this one) the donations are automatic (also includes my Ebay Sales) which gives us a nice view of the donations you have supported by purchasing a print from me.

Our donations from 2019-2020 were £230 to the WWF

For sales through my own site (this one) and Ebay, the box at the bottom of the page shows how much we together have raised. So thank you all that have purchased something from me.





My Photography through media:


traveling to scotland on one of our photographic roadtripsour campervan sylvie follow us on our youtube channel seach vdubphoto;ifeTraveling to Norway and the lofoten islands in a campervan from arctic campers for vdubphotolife and scoellphotography
Our Campervan Sylvie in Scotland and Slovenia and Traveling Norway in Our Hired Campervan.

Camping at Seceda on the Dolomites
Camping at seceda for landscape photography on my road trips of italy

 And waking up to this view


 Want to learn more?

You can see more about my Photography and follow my journeys on my Youtube Channel VdubPhotoLife


The money we have raised through this site and Ebay for the WWF Charity

Sebastien Coell Photography
Address: 12 Pomeroy Road, Newton abbot, Devon
TQ12 1LQ

We have landscape photography for sale from the following area's


The Dartmoor National Park 

South Devon